Household Founding, Summer 2000

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This being a chapter of the Chronicles of the House Brighthelm.

The twenty second day of the month of July in the first year of Brighthelm Reborn.

This being An Account of the Celebrations Accompanying The Reformation of the House.

Those of the House present:

Guests of the House:

It was a bright day when the lords and ladies of the House Brighthelm gathered together to celebrate the reformation of the House, and to select, by trial of combat, those who would champion the House against all other. A lack of wind provided perfect archery conditions, and many of the household took advantage of Thorkill More and Roderick Thorkilsson's bow, and amused themselves firstly with the raising of the butt and thereafter with a little target archery.

Lunch of bread and cheese was supplied by the Lady Chatelaine, and was much appreciated by the Household and their guests. While the digestions of those present set to work on this meal, the Chatelaine herself gave a discourse upon the art and science of dyes. Once all were present, the Mead Horn was passed around, as is the tradition of the House.

The position of Light Weapons Champion of the House was fought for by Richard the Rampant and Antonio di Rienzo and, after much sweat was shed on the part of both lords, Antonio diRienza won the duel and was duly appointed Light Weapons Champion of the House Brighthelm. Next was the combat for the position of Heavy Weapons Champion, between the much-fancied Wolfgang Adolphus Jager, bearing his greatsword, and the young but bold Roderick Thorkilsson, bearing sword and shield. It was decided that the combat would be over seven rounds, all seven to be fought, and the champion to be he who won the majority of the rounds.

In the first bout Wolfgang's verbal challenge goaded Roderick into headlong charge, for which Wolfgang rewarded him with a blow to the head. Wolfgang also landed a passing good blow through the eyeslot of Roderick's helm, this leading by two rounds to none. {Antonio diRienzo was heard to comment 'I can die fluently in both disciplines.' Another head shot gained Wolfgang the third round, but there was much agreement by those present that Roderick's dying was improving greatly.

The crowd's roar of approval spurred on the young Roderick, who advanced to claim first a leg hit and then a head hit upon Wolfgang. At this point Wolfgang got gravel in his knee, so there was a short pause while he dislodged the offending rock. Buoyed on by the cheering crowd and his recent victory Roderick charged once more and again made a successful attack upon Wolfgang's leg. Wolfgang managed then to disarm Roderick, but lost an arm so doing, thus making Roderick's final strike to the head all the easier. Three rounds to Wolfgang and two to Roderick, Wolfgang made a speedy and bloody advance to secure his fourth victory and hence the Championship.

Nevertheless, the seventh bout led to both parties taking leg hits before Wolfgang landed another head blow on young Roderick. Thus it was that Otto, who served as Marshal for this duel, duly proclaimed Wolfgang Adolphus Jager Champion of Heavy Weapons.

All the combat being now completed, the champions were duly presented to Lady Genevive, who complimented them on their prowess, and then the guests of the House were also presented.

First came Frances Terring, who carried with him the following missive from Prince Theophilus:

Theophilus, by right of election and succession and by the loving will of the people, prince of the Far Isles, Overlord of the Grim, Lord of the Duchy of Camcairndryth, Seigneur of the Free Mark

To the people of Brighthelm the New Greetings and God's Blessing. 

We send you this by our well-beloved servant, Francis Tarring, Alderman of the Far Isles, who we ask you to accept as our emissary to your celebrations. It has long been a sadness in our heart and in the hearts of all in the Far Isles that on the maps of our lands there no longer lies any sign of the prosperous, valiant and mighty place known as BrightHelm. Imagine then our joy and the joy of all in our court when we learned that this paragon of courage had not perished but merely shifted its seat to another realm.

Be assured that our prayers are with you as you bring the virtues of valour, chivalry and honour that were ever the mark of BrightHelm into that dark northern land. We look to the future with anticipation that the messages of friendship and heavily-laden barqes filled to the brim with the goods of merchants may flow freely between Brighthelm's old overlord and her new.

Given in our palace in the Grimwood under our hand and the Seal of the Far Isles on the sixteenth day of July in the sixth and last year of our reign.

Next came Thorkill More and Roderick Thorkillsson, who the Lady Genevive praised for their marksmanship and their indulgence of the would-be archers of the House.

Eadwulf MacRuthven was then presented, and carried with him this message from afar, being from Eric the Trespasser, Prince of Avacal:

Greetings to all assembled from Eric the Trespasser, Prince of Avacal, 

Please accept into your presence Our worthy ambassador, HL Yeoman Eadwulf MacRuthven. His is Our vassal and Our friend. He is a man of grace and talent and an advisor of great intellect. Those priviledged to call him friend are lucky.We envy his location, for We were born in the British Isles. Specifically Southampton, with a great-grandfather from the Clan Murdoch. We send the wish of a good evening with friends, new and old, and the hope that one day We may join you, for an ale or two. Maybe even a single malt.

Master Eric the Trespasser

Order of the Laurel Prince of Avacal, in the Kingdom on An Tir.

Then, with the formalities of the day over, the Lady Genevive announced the commencement of the festivities with the following words:

"Break out the beer - and, more importantly, break out the mead!"

Or, as Richard the Rampant put it:

"The beer's on my Lady!"