Daffodil Tournament, 16 March 2002

Post date: Jan 20, 2009 11:17:19 AM

by Andrea Nichol

The day dawned grey and gloomy. The Daffodil Tournament was to take place today in the Barony of Seagirt in the Northern Principality (formerly part of the Kingdom of An Tir) (Victoria, British Columbia, Canada) amidst reports from some that snow was expected.

As I rode in my sister, Morel's, dragon with Lord Jamie the Impaler and Chrissy, the snow did indeed begin to fall and we were all glad that we had all brought heavy cloaks, as the tournament itself was to happen in a great barn on the site of the Saanichton Fair Grounds, with the feast in a heated building.

Many gathered that day, the numbers up to at least 300-400, `to watch the tournament that would determine the Champions of Seagirt. There would be rapier fighting, and heavy fighting and the two victors would have the honor to defend Seagirt and our Baron and Baroness.

Throughout the day there were activities for the children and many contests: Daffodil in any medium, and a costuming contest. There were merchants selling clothing and feast gear and other miscellaneous items. There were booths set up for the Heralds, who would spend time sketching your device for you and give advice on whether or not it would be accepted. My sister, Morel, affectionately referred to by me as Shroom, spent many hours there talking to people who wanted to register their devices. Her new gown was also to be judged in the costuming contest (and may I say she looked ravishing in it).

Lord Jamie the Impaler, another friend of mine from the Shire of Cragmere, spent the day assisting with merchanting and socializing. The fights were dramatic and well battled. It was my honor to have a very dear friend of mine, Lord Rory Wolfe of Kildaire fight with my favour on his belt. His wife was not able to be there and he is always kind about fighting for me when his beloved Sabine cannot attend. He acquitted himself with his usual honorable attitude and completed several rounds. In the end, His Lordship Ethelred won the heavy tournament and Lord Prospere won the rapier. It is a testimony to my absent-mindedness that I cannot remember their full names. So, now Seagirt has two worthy defenders.

I spent the day myself with several new people, explaining things and helping out. I was in charge for much of the day of taking care of my other sister, Judith's, new puppy, a lovely, cuddly 11 week old black lab with white feet aptly named Boots. Boots snuggled in and kept me warm most of the day. It was a pleasure to renew old acquaintances. But I must say it was a little bit like event of the ex-boyfriends. Nothing unpleasant happened however.

After the tournament, many worthies were presented with awards of service. Their Excellencies also presented the new defenders with their regalia. But, because all of our courts tend to be hopelessly long, I left without seeing all of it. Not short and sweet like Drachenwald.

In the evening, there was a grand feast, so I changed into my lovely tartan finery and had a simple dinner in the tavern. I know my priorities. The feast sounded lovely - Middle Eastern influenced. As usual we had several middle eastern dancers, including my sister, Halima, who is an amazing dancer. (Note: yes, I have several sisters. These are all different people. I have approximately 10 sisters and 3 brothers. One sister and one brother are with you - Emma and Wulfgar (Young Gary). The rest are scattered throughout the Northern Region or the Kingdom of An Tir. My medieval Mom is in Seattle, Washington.)

Notable events of the evening. Shroom went into the men's room by mistake, and SHE WASN'T EVEN DRINKING! I flirted with one or two very nice young gentlemen from afar. And the beer tasted darn good. There were several games of Tablero going on, but I thought it best I didn't start playing. In the end we got into our dragon and were home and in bed by 1:00am. It was a very long, enjoyable and tiring day.