Beginner's Guide to Brewing Mead

Post date: Jan 20, 2009 11:10:56 AM

by Thorvi Thorgilsdottir

As a fine example of a beginner to brewing mead, I have volunteered to pass on some of the secrets of the art I have stumbled upon in my vast (okay, three demijohns) experience. I was first apprenticed to a Master Brewer, and worked as his servant for seven long years as I gradually proved my worth to him, then as a journeymaid I slowly acquired the special equipment required for this complicated process...

Actually, no. Producing potable mead is a surprisingly simple and uncomplicated process, requiring very little equipment, and very little skill apart from the patience to let it ferment in peace. Producing good mead, is merely a matter of trial and error and experience. Or so I am assured.

I shall give a guideline to producing a standard, starter's mead, and then add a few further pointers at the end, with thanks to Frances Terring for providing those.





There! You have produced your first batch of mead. Hopefully it will be quite drinkable, but it can take a few attempts before you're totally pleased with the result. If you're not sure of the flavour, serve it late on in the feast, and no-one will notice anything.

Further tips

Clover honey can give a bitter tang to any mead produced, so try to avoid it.

If a single flower honey is used, such as orange blossom honey, do not boil it to remove impurities, but use camden tablets instead. Boiling the honey and water will remove scent and flavour, and should only be done if the honey is of no particular distinction to start off with.

Happy Brewing!