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Antonio di Rienzo

A minor Italian nobleman.

About Antonio di Rienzo...

Antonio is a late 16th century Italian minor nobleman, spending time in Harplestane as a result of a minor disagreement in his native Florence, involving a duel with a Borgia, and ostensibly to check up on some family holdings in Southern Scotland. For services (unspecified) to the Crown and populous of Drachenwald he was recently given an Award of Arms. He tries to avoid using the title. His interests include chirurgy, duelling, drinking, archery, carousing and wenching, though rarely more than three of them at any one time. He occupies the position of Rapier Marshal of the Isles, and Shire Chirurgeon for Harplestane. He's trying to get as many other Chirurgeons as possible recruited and trained, in an attempt to weasel out of some of the paperwork. He is currently engaged in a long running research project to out-Flynn Erroll by boldly seeking out new chandeliers to swing on and new tables to overturn. His mistress, Mariella, is engaged on a long running project to stop him getting killed in a duel by anyone but her.