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Ysabella-Maria Vasquez de Granada

(Formerly known as Freydis Thorfinnsdottir)

Nik Whitehead

Needlewoman and fencer 

About Ysabella-Maria...

Ysabella-Maria is a scholar and teacher who fled her home in Granada when the city fell to Castille and Aragon in 1492. Klakavirki is, she reasons, one of the last places that the Inquisition is going to look for an over-educated woman. It is also an excellent place to study the stars in the winter and other things in the summer.

About Freydis...

Freydis Thorfinnsdottir is the daughter of an Orkadian lord, who has managed to outlive her husband (he died at the Battle of Clontarf after lifting a certain banner) and hence inherited his lands. She is interested in combat, but just hasn't got the build to be an effective battlemaid, so instead she has developed an interest in some of the strange devices they have here in the southern lands. Things like ballistas and trebuchets - a hobby a little at odds with her other pastime of embroidery. She is responsible for the current Brighthelm banner.

About Nik...

Nik is possibly the least sane member of the household, with interests varying from embroidery, music, archery, more embroidery, crochet, wargaming, science, embroidery, science fiction, archaeology, mythology, embroidery, roleplaying and military history to embroidery. In RL she's a lecturer in computer science at the University of Akyureyri in northern Iceland where she teaches anything that needs teaching and has very little time to do research (although she does manage a bit on human-computer interaction and the use of RSS feeds).

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