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Acaryn Saint-Cyr of the Cardinal's Guard

Lord Acaryn Saint-Cyr of the Cardinals' Guard, Defender of His Eminence Master Guillermo Romeo the Baron Steffano, Cardinal da Gucci al Khabeelah McGurn of Ravensfuri... has a title long enough to make anyone choke (blame Steffano, not Acarin!) A slightly late-period gentleman from around 1600AD, Acarin was born in a small village called Saint-Cyr just outside Tours, in France. Wanting to make his fame and fortune, and meet all of the ravishingly attractive women for which the capital was famous, he made his way to Paris and joined the Cardinal's Guard. He is most famous for always dying first in duels, but insists that it is only because it's traditional for the Cardinal's Guard.

Acarin is the fencing co-ordinator and marshal-in-training for the shire of Pont Alarch, along with his secondary hats of deputy seneschal and webmaster. He first came across the SCA in the kingdom of An Tir (Western Canada & the northwest USA) in 1998, and began turning up at Drachenwald events in 2001 after deciding that playing once a year just wasn't enough.

He is also well-known as the driving force behind the introduction of Tablero (aka "Queen Signy's Game" in Drachenwald) into the kingdom, and claims to be an instructor to Royalty. But then he exaggerates a lot as well...

Acarin has an Award of Arms (from Drachenwald).