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Christian (Kit) Trenchard of Deptford

About Christian Trenchard of Deptford...

Kit, as Christian is more often know is a bit of an unknown quantity. A cook of a little repute it's true that his first love is in the kitchen, where he would happily work away all of his time. Born and raised in Deptford, he has climbed steady heights to become a well established cook and face about the kitchens and sometimes even the courts in the kingdom. Though he prefers to remain firmly behind the scenes. The cookery of the Tudor courts remains his first love and speciality, though he has been known to dabble in other periods on occasion and when required. Sugar crafting is another love, though he feels he fails to meet the standards required by the court for such things.
Lady Christian is a noble woman of minor birth, whose primary interests include gossiping, travelling and of course needlework. Not neccesarily in that order. She is ever keen to learn anything about the embroidery arts that she may find. She is also interested in the latest fashion trends in the Elizabethan court and strives to keep up with them, that her purse and of course sumptuary laws will allow.