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Brighthelm Constitution

posted 20 Jan 2009, 03:09 by Unknown user   [ updated 20 Jan 2009, 03:09 ]

The following constitution governs Brighthelm.

  • About Brighthelm
    • Brighthelm is an independent private members' club.
    • Brighthelm exists for the benefit of its members.
    • Brighthelm and its assets are jointly owned by the membership.
    • Invitation of new members to join Brighthelm is by majority vote of the membership.
    • An Annual Meeting will be held, on or near the anniversary of the Brighthelm founding.
  • Officers
    • There are three executive officers: President, Secretary and Treasurer.
    • Non-executive offices may be created where there is a need.
    • The executive posts must be filled at all times.
    • No-one can simultaneously hold more than one executive office.
    • Where there is more than one candidate for an office, the result will be decided by a vote of the membership.
    • An officer will remain in a post for a term of no more than two years. The officer may then reapply for the post. A term can be cut short either by resignation or by a majority vote of no-confidence by the membership.
    • The executive officers will be signatories on the Brighthelm bank account.
    • All officers must be Brighthelm members.
  • Finance and Assets
    • Members may make a voluntary contribution to Brighthelm funds. Members may choose to pay Brighthelm an amount of their choosing on a monthly basis by standing order, or may choose to pass funds to the Treasurer at a time of their choosing. There is no obligation for members to pay a subscription. Remote or overseas members must consider that they will likely receive less benefit from the funds raised, so should moderate any contribution appropriately.
    • Decisions on spending Brighthelm funds is by majority vote of the membership.
    • Decisions on disposal of assets is by majority vote of the membership.
    • Brighthelm assets must be looked after by an executive officer or their nominated deputy. The executive officer remains responsible for the assets in their care, even when held by someone else.
    • The Brighthelm accounts will be presented by the treasurer to the members at each Annual Meeting. The level of contributions will be noted in this report.
  • Membership and Voting
    • In all votes, each member has a single vote. The President has a deciding vote if necessary.
    • Votes may be cast in person, over the phone, or online. Votes may not be cast by proxy.
    • Members may choose to resign from Brighthelm at any time by informing the executive officers and a majority of the membership.
  • Disciplinary Procedure
    • A member may be removed from Brighthelm (and lose all membership rights) after a majority vote of the membership.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Alterations to this constitution will be decided by a majority vote of the membership.

This constitution was last changed on 1 February 2002.